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Developing and Assessing Disaster Risk Management Capabiility of Local Government

作者:楊惠萱、張芝苓、李香潔 / NCDR 103T21 / 3.22MB 

The Establishment of Intelligence Assessment Indexes for Local Government Emergency Information Management

作者:莊明仁、張歆儀、李香潔 / NCDR 103T22 / 1.11MB

Developing County-level Index on Capability of Critical Resource Logistics

作者:陳素櫻、鄧傳忠、李香潔、莊明仁 / NCDR 103T23 / 1.86MB

Assessing Disaster Evacuation Capability of Local Government

作者:許秋玲、廖楷民、李香潔、劉晏禔 / NCDR 104T11 / 3.76MB 

Assessing Disaster Sheltering Capability of Local Government

作者:許秋玲、廖楷民、李香潔 / NCDR 103T09 / 2.03MB 

The Study of Post-disaster Housing Recovery Capability Assessment of Local Government

作者:郭士筠、陳怡臻、李香潔 / NCDR 103T24 / 1.93MB

Disaster Management Capability Assessment and Application based on analyzing Multiple Vulnerability Related Data

作者:楊惠萱、陳怡臻、許秋玲、廖楷民、李香潔 / NCDR 102T03 / 6.86MB

Disaster Vulnerability of Welfare Facilities for the Elderly and Disabled in Taiwan

作者:李香潔、楊惠萱、莊明仁 / NCDR 100T03 / 2.51MB

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